Mount a removable partition

Mount a removable partition

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Ideal for modifying the space of a dwelling at a lower cost, removable partitions allow the structure of an interior to be optimized. Office, bedroom, living room… they find their place in each room of the house. Today available as a kit, their installation is only easier, especially since it requires little material, and especially no drilling.

First step: adjust the removable partition to the correct dimensions

Since the removable kit partitions are standardized, their dimensions on purchase will not always adapt to those of all interiors. Also, before mounting, you should know the floor-ceiling height. If the partition is too large, you will have to cut the studs with a saw to adjust it.

Second step: assembly of the removable partition

Once the adjustment has been made, the various parts of the future partition must be assembled. We then start by fitting the metal uprights onto the panel. These must be fixed using the screws supplied by the manufacturer. Then install the legs of the uprights (with a mallet) and then the cylinders at each of their ends. The removable partition is ready to install.

Third step: installation of the removable partition

The installation of the partition is only a formality thanks to the jacks installed on the lower and upper parts of the uprights. Just adjust them with a flat wrench until the structure is completely immobilized. Repeat these operations for any additional partitions to be installed. Removing the removable partition is just as easy, just loosen the jacks with the open-end wrench. The device can then be reused again in the same place or in another interior.