Assemble a cellular concrete partition

Assemble a cellular concrete partition

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By its lightness, its insulating qualities (thermal and acoustic) and its great fire resistance, aerated concrete is an ideal material for the construction of partitions. If the realization of these does not require great knowledge in DIY, it still requires some know-how.

First step: positioning the aerated concrete partition

In order to identify the location of the structure to be raised, a tracing on the ground is essential. It must be as precise as possible. Using a tracing line, make two parallel lines that will materialize the partition. Between these two lines, then place a resilient strip glued with putty.

Second step: laying the first row of tiles

Aerated concrete tiles must be coated with mortar on each of their lateral sides. Start by placing the first of them on the resilient strip, then fix it to the wall with a square and hammer pegs. Repeat this for each of the tiles located at the ends of the partition.

Third step: laying of the other rows and finishes

The remaining rows are laid in the same way as the first, but ensuring that the joint lines are offset from each other. This requirement will ensure the solidity and longevity of the partition. For the last row, prepare 1 to 2 cm lower tiles for the remaining space. Finally, fill the upper space with mortar. Smooth all the joints, and allow to dry before dressing.