Choose an oil boiler

Choose an oil boiler

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Energy still in vogue

Fuel oil remains one of the main energies used for boilers in France, both for individual and collective dwellings. Conventionally, the combustion of fuel oil in the boiler transfers the high temperature to the water sent into the network of pipes.

High yields

The combustion system of this type of boiler needs a tank to store the fuel. A very effective solution for heating large areas. But condensing systems or those coupled to a heat pump offer even better yields.

Disadvantages of the oil boiler

The radius of the drawbacks of oil boilers, the need to have a tank is of course binding. Sometimes smelly and especially bulky (different sizes exist nevertheless), it can be buried in a garden or placed in a room provided for this purpose and isolated. The tank must also be supplied regularly. Another problem: its cost. Indeed, the initial installation is more expensive than that of a gas boiler of equal power. In use, the price of fuel oil is also very high. Finally, its high level of CO2 emissions and the use of fossil energy do not make it an ecological solution.