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Renovate a marble fireplace

Renovate a marble fireplace

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A marble fireplace is a safe bet. But with this material which is both hard and porous, it is difficult not to make stains or scratches. Fortunately, it is possible to renovate a marble fireplace in just a few days. Explanations.

Frosting the marble fireplace

The renovation phase of a marble fireplace begins with its frosting. Cleaning the different surfaces is indeed essential to restore your chimney. To polish it, use abrasive papers and use them on several passages, starting with the one with the coarsest grain. This first work will allow you to remove the scratches that appeared on your marble fireplace. Then polish again, but this time using a cotton cloth soaked in water and then in polishing powder. Then take this same cloth and spread white wax over the entire chimney, in small movements. Let everything dry.

The plastering of the marble fireplace

After the etching, you can go to the next step which will allow you to remove stains on the marble. To do this, mix plaster in a bucket filled with water and bleach. Then pour the sand plaster over the liquid to obtain the famous mixture. Use a trowel to apply it to the various stains on your chimney. Let it dry well then gently remove the plaster, using a painter's knife. Be very careful not to scratch the marble. All you have to do is polish your chimney one last time and it will be completely renovated.