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Choose a monobloc air conditioner

Choose a monobloc air conditioner

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Device sometimes essential when the interior temperature exceeds 30 ° C, the monobloc air conditioner is then very popular with individuals who own one for their home. Before you could enjoy it, you had to choose the right air conditioner. Here are some tips for choosing a monobloc air conditioner.

Monoblock air conditioner: the power of the device

Expressed in BTUs, the power of the device is the first criterion to take into account. To find out the power required, base yourself on the size of the room in which you want to install your monobloc air conditioner. A fairly simple calculation makes it possible to find it: volume of the room X 100 + 1000 BTU per window present in the room.

Electric consumption

Expressed in watts, the power consumption is the second criterion in the choice of a monobloc air conditioner. Again, the ideal consumption depends on the size of your room. Be aware, however, that some models are much more energy-consuming than others. Think a little about the environment and your electric bill.

Monoblock air conditioner volume

Quite noisy, a monobloc air conditioner can be disturbing in a living room. An air conditioner with a sound level above 50 decibels is considered to be quite noisy.

Reversibility of the device

Finally, before choosing a monobloc air conditioner, know that there are reversible models, that is to say capable of heating a room. Do you need this reversibility?