Choosing the floor covering in the attic

Choosing the floor covering in the attic

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Easy-care attic flooring

If your roof space is sometimes overgrown with humidity, it is better to opt for tiles or PVC. Having become modern over the years, PVC and tiles remain very accessible and easy to maintain. Today, a wide range of models and colors is commercially available to give charm to your attic. If you opt for PVC, choose a thick one to guarantee good thermal and acoustic insulation. Natural insulator, tiling is the coating to favor in your attic if they have a water feature.

Floor coverings for warm roof spaces

The parquet floor will give a certain cachet to your attic. A real investment in time, it brings warmth, which is not negligible for roof spaces. Ecological, it is easy to clean. The prosecution, however, is primarily intended for people with a fairly large budget. You will find on the market a multitude of species and colors to harmonize your room. Like the parquet, the carpet gives a warm atmosphere to a room. It guarantees excellent insulation and comfort. However, it remains unpleasant for people with allergies, since it retains dust.