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Colorful travel with bohemian patterns

Colorful travel with bohemian patterns

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Escape with a bohemian interior. Here, no room for purification and zen, it is fantasy that must be expressed! Embroidered or patchwork patterns, bright colors predominantly red, orange and purple, ornaments galore, we let go and we even dare kistch, floral or arabesque patterns. Discover our selection around this theme that invites you to travel and gives you a smile.


The patchwork print and its ultra-trendy home-made air perfectly matches the style. Do not hesitate to choose ultra-colorful patterns, like the pouffe model presented here signed Rice . Liberty, colors, flowers, touches of silver, it's almost an essential accessory! We also like the cushion from the French brand Bonjour Mon Coussin which offers a matryoshka model always with the idea of ​​juxtaposing different fabrics and patterns. Also, at the Bride of the Mekong , you can find a nice ceramic patchwork mug.


Flowers everywhere, on furniture, on ottomans, on curtains ... this motif is a great classic in style. We find it at Houses of the world on various decorative objects and especially on wardrobes, seats and nesting tables with a wagon-like feel. At the Bride of the Mekong , discover an umbrella and curtains, very important to dress your entire room and create a cozy effect.