Install a Venetian blind

Install a Venetian blind

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Choice of material

You will need the following equipment: a spirit level, a pencil, a ruler, a meter, a drill, dowels and screws, a screwdriver. Buy blinds that are already adapted to the dimensions of the windows or have them measured in store: it is indeed really difficult to cut Venetian blinds, as this generates the imbalance in the opening process.

Venetian blind measurements

It must adapt to the window where you are going to fix it, hence a specific size statement: fixed in the frame, its ribs must be approximately 2 cm less than the frame and take into account the opening of the window . The awning positioned outside the frame must exceed the width of the doorway by 10 cm in total. Placed directly on the frame, the blind must exceed the width of the glass by 3 cm.

Positioning of marks

Your supports can be placed in three different locations: on the wall itself, on the ceiling, on the side walls. Once this choice is made, place the blind and make sure with the spirit level that it is straight. Copy the mark of the supports and screws in pencil. Balance their alignment with the spirit level.

Installation of supports

Drill the holes to place the dowels. Screw the brackets to the wall or ceiling. With a large blind, provide additional fasteners.

Installation of the Venetian blind

Clip the box housing the blind slats on the supports provided for this purpose. As the mechanisms vary from one model to another, check the instructions before mounting so as not to be mistaken. Close the support covers to lock them. Open and close your blind to check that it is working properly.