Exotic patterns brighten up our decor

Exotic patterns brighten up our decor

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Bring the sun into your interior with exotic patterns. Paper mache bowls with traditional African prints, cotton cushions sublimated by parrots or other birds from tropical forests, raw wood frames as a case for exotic leaves ... discover our selection for the whole house.


Find the exotic style at Houses of the world . Here, a painting / showcase Silver palm adorned with a metal palm leaf, ideal for decorating a Zen living room, a bedroom with soft tones or a sleek office. The leaves are also in the spotlight at the brand Jardin Pamplemousse which offers fabric cushions and frames where the plant takes on very chic graphic airs.


In the Mekong Bride , flowers and colorful birds invite themselves on a cushion with oriental accents. Same spirit at Fleux , which signs a collection of plates inspired by the paintings of the classic Hua Niao, the flower bird in Chinese. Head for Africa with the Bouillottes de Béa and its giraffe motif choker.


Also discover objects with traditional African motifs, especially at As'art and its ethical and ecological bowls, made from recovered telephone wires. Its new collection also presents papier-mâché containers inspired by brightly colored textiles from the Democratic Republic of Congo.