Lay laminate flooring

Lay laminate flooring

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With the appearance of wood, laminate floors are ideal for rooms that are little used because they are not very resistant. They are also easy to install and economical.

Preparation of the floor before laying statified parquet

Before you start installing laminate flooring, make sure you note the dimensions of the room. Purchase extra blades in advance of cuts. Then thoroughly clean the surface by washing and then vacuuming. Also check that the floor is perfectly flat. If it is not the case, sand it or carry out a complete leveling. Finally, the soil should be dry. Also leave the slides at room temperature for 48 hours, they do tend to swell. Laminate floors use a clip system that allows the boards to nest together. No glue or nails are needed. First place strips of plastic film so that moisture cannot soak into the blades. The planks should be laid lengthwise across the room.

Laying of laminate parquet

With a space of 8 mm in relation to the plinths (using shims), start laying in a corner of the room with each tab placed against the wall. The end of the previously cut blade starting each new row. Check that the first row is perpendicular to the wall then carry out the clipping operation by always fitting the large side first then sliding towards the blade on the side.

The last row of the most delicate laminate parquet

The blades can then be fitted to the other end of the part. The last blade at the end of the row will be more difficult to install: turn it over and write in pencil the space necessary to wedge it. Then use an electric saw to remove the excess. Cut splinters will be less if you keep the blade upside down. Finally, fit the parquet board using a striking square. You can then install the plinths and use the parquet immediately. > Ask for a quote for the installation of your parquet