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Feature: the little decorative details that change everything

Feature: the little decorative details that change everything

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You scroll through pages and pages of decorative magazines, the latest trends have no secrets for you and you regularly fall for pretty design objects? Yes, but there is still something that tires you in the decoration of your home. What if it were these famous little details, to which we no longer pay attention but which change the appearance of a room? Focus on the essential crafts to keep your interior as fresh and refined over the years.

Change door handles and knobs

Ultra affordable accessories, the door knobs are far from negligible and can literally transform the atmosphere of a room. In the kitchen for example, they will transform somewhat dated furniture into vintage decor elements with crazy charm. If there are all shapes and colors, we choose them in accordance with its furniture to create a coherent look: on solid wood furniture, we will opt for zinc handles, for example, very industrial . With formica, we dare more unusual or ceramic models, in an assumed bohemian spirit. Finally, to energize basic white furniture, we do not hesitate to play the design side with black and very drawn buttons.

No more naked bulbs, welcome to refined lighting!

If there is one thing that can hamper all your decorating efforts, it is to let its bulbs hang at the end of the electric wire. If the naked light bulbs are in full trend, they must however be nicely highlighted by a fabric wiring with a marked look. We also think of coating wall light bulbs, changing the lampshades that have lived or giving new life to table lamps with a new decorative cable.

Switches to revamp my decor

Do you like your entry in cement tiles and the attractive moldings under the ceiling? Remember to change your switches so that the retro and cozy atmosphere of your home is really perfect. For example, opt for old-fashioned metal buttons on a ceramic background. In a more contemporary interior, you can also paint them or create effects around them in a street art style. Finally, we are also thinking of revamping its electrical outlets, replacing them with more aesthetic models or customizing them.