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Feature: a DIY gift for her

Feature: a DIY gift for her

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Gifts for Christmas, birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day ... And if you surprised your partner, your mom, your daughter or your sister by making this year a homemade present? Useless to leave the big game by buying him a gift found in the trade of the corner, roll up your sleeves and make him a gift which answers his tastes! Need a boost to be sure to make her crack? So here are some DIY ideas for you gentlemen.

Give him a handmade decorative accessory

If your dear and tender is trendy and spends his weekends skimming the trendy boutiques, consider making him an original trinket, in tune with the times. Your sweetheart swears by Scandinavian decoration? Never mind ! Roll up your sleeves and shape a copper wooden candle holder with geometric patterns or driftwood coasters covered with Nordic style arabesques. You lack ideas and your wallet is dying in a corner, think of a personalized handmade gift. With a simple white mug and paint, you can for example make him a unique, original and affordable present in his image. Finally, if you run out of time and are not very skilled with your hands, you can always divert an everyday object: patterned glasses or cups. These will transform in just a few minutes into ecological and sustainable flower pots.

DIY jewelry as a gift

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings… it's well known, women love jewelry! Make him happy by making him the finery of his dreams. And to help you in this endeavor, do not hesitate to take a look on Pinterest or on the blogosphere which is full of lots of great people who just want to share their tips with you. To accompany the pretty summer outfits of your companion, get started for example in the manufacture of a necklace of threads to embroider in various colors and golden chain which will enhance her clothes. In love with pearl necklaces, no problem, bring white, black and golden pearls and make her a chic and magical necklace that she will enjoy wearing for the holidays. Your sweetheart swears by ethnic accessories? So make him a Brazilian bracelet. The most daring will opt for a Hipanema model.

Homemade beauty products

Making a gift with your own hands is not just about decorative items and fashion accessories, you can just as well bet on novelty by making a homemade beauty product. Lip balm, sparkling balls for the DIY bath, donkey milk soap ... there is no shortage of ideas on the canvas to pamper your other half. And in addition, they do not contain any chemicals. Another good reason to succumb to this original and practical present.