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Feature: low-priced wedding decor

Feature: low-priced wedding decor

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Preparation, invitation, budget ... the wedding generally requires long months of organization for an unforgettable result. Impossible to neglect its decoration which must be up to your expectations and of the guests. How to afford a nice wedding at a low price? For this, bet on accessories, for a chic and natural effect without breaking the bank. The editorial gives you some tips for a beautiful wedding decor at a lower cost.

Make a chic and inexpensive centerpiece

The centerpiece is essential in wedding decor. Avoid staging the large expensive bouquet of flowers at each table and prefer accessories with a strong visual impact. For example, you can fill the containers with water and drop floating candles or flowers into them. No need to put tons, a few hydrangea heads are enough to create a chic and refined decor at a low price. Also bet on the folding of napkins, which gives a nice effect to your table in the blink of an eye. Choose small graphic napkins to brighten up and bring a touch of color to the whole. Finally, place brands are your allies! If you have beautiful writing, take the opportunity to give a calligraphic effect. A golden (or silver) Posca, pebbles and voila! And here is a homemade table at a lower cost.

A rural decor for a low-cost wedding

The country decor is ideal for a low-budget wedding. For example, polish your dishes in a flea market or garage sale and mismatch the service for a vintage look. Also opt for small bottles, tureens or tea boxes, all these little treasures will help to perfect a unique and authentic decor.

Wedding: two wall decorations "chic and cheap"

Vegetals are featured on the walls. You can make small dried tree leaves yourself and decorate your walls with a touch of greenery. Sober and chic at the same time, the nature effect is perfect for a wedding. Otherwise, play the vintage card with pastel garlands or ribbon, you will get a festive and refined look at the same time. The trick: also add a little ribbon on your table to make a reminder, for example by wrapping your delicately folded towels.