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File: Ikea hacks

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DIY fans, unite! Ikea hacking is THE trend in customization. Impossible to miss, Ikea hacks are everywhere! The principle: divert Swedish furniture that we all have at home from its primary function. In short, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Back to a global phenomenon that gives a facelift to our interiors.

The phenomenon of Ikea hacks

Where does this global movement come from? Originally, it was a fan of the Swedish brand who, while surfing the internet, realized that she was not the only one to customize her Ikea furniture. She then decides to group her creations on a blog, immediately followed and completed by tutorials from other Internet users. These simple and accessible ideas appeal to a community that keeps growing and sharing its hacks. Now, the trend is surfing on DIY and upcycling by transforming basic objects into real design pieces.

Why customize your Ikea furniture?

Ikea hacks allow above all to afford a new decor without having to buy new furniture. Unbeatable in terms of price, this solution is new with old and is aimed primarily at small budgets. In addition to the economic aspect, it allows standards to be transformed into unique objects. A revolution in terms of interior design, which makes customization possible, even with furniture sold in mass. The idea appeals to designers who have fun imagining crazy ideas to twister and reinvent furniture.

Ikea hacks in the kitchen

Because of the multiple storage possibilities it induces, the kitchen is very popular with Ikea hackers. Make an island with a library, a wheeled bar for dishes or a magazine holder under the sink, anything goes! These incredibly creative diversions revisit the traditional codes of kitchen equipment.

The best of Ikea Hacks

They are called Billy, Malm, Lack, Kallax ... and are sold by the millions worldwide (despite their unpronounceable name). These popular furniture icons now have a second life thanks to the Ikea hacks. The most diverted is undoubtedly the Billy library, more original than ever with its new moldings, wallpaper or pop colors. Sold to 41 million copies in 43 countries (one Billy produced every 4 seconds), it was conceived in 1979 as the "first democratic library" by its designer Gillis Lundgren. Its master key is now legendary.

How to divert Ikea furniture?

If you are a beginner hacker, don't panic! Many tutorials exist to transform all or part of your Ikea furniture. Indeed, the trend is diversifying and giving way to accessorization more than a total look. We change for example the legs of his coffee table or the cover of his sofa In short, there is no shortage of ideas to customize without decorating excessively.