Feature: the radiant radiator

Feature: the radiant radiator

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Operating using infrared technology, a radiant panel, or radiant radiator, can heat an area of ​​50m² without requiring major work. If you want to install them at home, this practical guide will help you know their advantages and disadvantages, to make the right choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Advantages of the radiant heater

- Easy installation: just place the radiator and connect it to a power outlet for it to work. - Design: these radiators can be placed anywhere in the room and their small size gives them great discretion. - Powerful and rapid heating - Uniform heat from floor to ceiling - Regulation possible to the nearest degree - Does not dry the ambient air (unlike a traditional electric convector).

Disadvantage of radiant panels

- Their price! This type of heating is not expensive to buy since there are certain models from 100 € in the trade, but it is very energy-hungry. - Soiling on the walls: a radiant radiator creates intense heat at the level of the wall, which can result in fairly unsightly brown or gray marks.

Choosing the right radiator

Aesthetic and discreet, radiant heaters seem to be the perfect solution for heating your home. To choose it well, take care to compare their electrical consumption. Models that are a little more expensive to buy often offer less consumption which will prove more economical in the long term. Do not rush to the first radiators that suit you and let the competition play, especially if you want to have them installed by a professional. Make sure that they have all the security labels, such as the NF, and that the guarantee is easy to implement in the event of a problem. As an auxiliary heater, the mobile radiant heater is a great solution for bathrooms and infrequently used spaces like guest bedrooms. You can even find fixed / mobile convertible panels.

Where to find your radiant radiator?

To buy your radiant panel, go to DIY stores close to you, such as Leroy Merlin, Castorama or Bricorama. You will find radiators at all prices, from 100 € for a standard model to more than 1000 € for a very sophisticated model or benefiting from a particular design. These supermarkets offer both models from their own production workshops and branded radiators such as Concorde or Atlantic. Do not hesitate to inquire on the Internet: many sites cut prices all summer on this type of radiators and you will find excellent models at -50%.