Feature: the sink

Feature: the sink

Long considered a functional secondary space, the bathroom has become a real living space, a place of relaxation where decoration takes a primordial place. Thus, the sink becomes a decorative element in its own right whose design trends adapt to all styles and all desires.

The different models of sinks

The space available and the decoration you want will depend on the choice of sink or basin that will decorate your bathroom. Between wall-hung washbasin, column or built-in sink and basin, there are different models to furnish your room. The wall-hung sink is directly attached to the bathroom wall and is placed at the desired height using threaded rods. Not occupying the floor space, it is ideal for small spaces and facilitates the maintenance of bathrooms. Popular for its modernity, the wall-hung sink seduces with its design and ease of maintenance The pedestal sink, placed on a pedestal, does not allow the installation of a piece of furniture. Simple suspended sink whose column is used to hide the piping, this type of model mainly adapts to large spaces and its purchase motivated by decorative wishes. The most widespread built-in sink is fitted directly into a cabinet provided for this purpose. Combining hygienic space and storage unit, the built-in sink maximizes the space of the bathroom. Ultra trendy and design, decorative accessory par excellence, the basins have appeared in the bathrooms! Round or oval at its beginnings, the washbasin takes various forms today to seduce the most demanding buyers! Visible or built-in, placed on a plan or suspended from the wall, this model is prized for its alliance between functionality and design. Between built-in or wall-hung washbasin and designer basin… Your choice of decoration and your needs will be defined!

The selection criteria

The size of your bathroom remains the main criterion in choosing the sink, the optimization of space being a decisive condition for the purchase! Thus, a small bathroom will gracefully accommodate a suspended sink while the built-in sinks will appeal to large families for its additional storage. Your decorative desires also remain a criterion in the purchase of your sink model! Because the manufacturers of washbasins compete today in creativity and imagination to market trendy models and accessible to all tastes. Thus, finished the simply tiled bathrooms! Today a well-being and relaxation room in its own right, the bathroom follows trends and trends! Retro, old, modern and even futuristic, the sink is available in all its forms!

Materials: a wide range of choices

Today, a number of materials are used to create bathroom sinks. So the choice must above all be a question of aesthetics and maintenance. Ceramic basins remain a safe bet for their durability, ease of maintenance and resistance to scratches and solvents. Today, new techniques have appeared to modernize the forms and offer a wide range of colors. But in the trade, a large number of materials come to compete with this material present in our bathrooms for decades. Synthetic resin, for example, invades contemporary bathrooms and remains prized for its soft feel and ease of maintenance with soapy water. In short, an ecological basin! The glass basins seduce with their clean design and their great diversity of colors, just like the granite sinks, known for their resistance and their aesthetic appearance. But before you fall for a sink style, make sure it goes perfectly with your bathroom decor.