Feature: small household appliances, essential in the kitchen

Feature: small household appliances, essential in the kitchen

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In our kitchens, small appliances never stop invading our cupboards and worktops. And it does us good service! Whether for a well-proportioned and quick coffee or to make yourself a meal worthy of the greatest chefs, small electro is our daily ally. Zoom on the new essentials.

Small appliances are not new

Like the Calor steam iron which celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2013, small household appliances are not new! And it first started by existing to make life easier for housewives. Vacuum cleaner, iron, kettle, microwave oven: electricity today simplifies everything and saves time. Constantly evolving, small household appliances are always more efficient in order to improve everyday life.

The small appliance to do everything

No longer only useful for household chores, small household appliances have developed to do absolutely everything in the house. With the craze of home-made, we are also continuing the boom in small household appliances. Thus, today there are devices to do everything yourself: his bread, his yogurts, his ice cream but also his cosmetics or hair removal. And to accompany you on a daily basis, food processors are transformed into true allies thanks to numerous functions combined in a single device. Today, you can prepare meals from starter to dessert using just one device. A real revolution! Our practical kitchen decoration videos