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Feature: the emblematic creations of decoration

Feature: the emblematic creations of decoration

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Do you love decoration and design? So take a look at our selections of essentials that have marked the history of the house to discover or rediscover original creations and their history.

Designers and their essentials

The history of design has been built on emblematic pieces and we cannot understand today's tastes without looking at the iconic creations that still inspire contemporary creation. Also, we offer a small tour of the furniture and objects that have counted in the history of design. This requires essential chairs like the Louis Ghost by Starck, but also light fixtures like the Arco lamp by Castiglioni. And since we talk about big names in design, we also take the opportunity to remind you of the outstanding achievements of their careers.

Decorative signs mark the house

And in terms of design, the big decoration brands also count because they generally have their own design studio. This allows them to offer original creations with sometimes daring design that we have decided to highlight in our emblematic selections alongside great designers because the history of design is also built thanks to brands like Ikéa, Alinéa or Fly. The opportunity therefore to discover design pearls at affordable prices so that everyone can enjoy them.