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File: rebels in the teenagers' rooms!

File: rebels in the teenagers' rooms!

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Nothing revolts them, everything bothers them. One thing is certain, our teenagers have a rebellious attitude in their blood! And whatever we do, that does not prevent them from cultivating a particular attention to the decor of their room, one of the few places where they feel at peace. The opportunity for them to scratch their strong character! Summary of our inspirations to steal.

Rock and rebel

Formerly called the music of the devil, it is not surprising to associate the style "rock'n'roll" with a decor wanting to be highly rebellious. The good news is that even teenagers who do not play instruments or listen to this musical genre little, can be inspired by his crazy world. Skull and Union Jack motifs occupy a special place here, especially since they are available in all forms (stencil, textiles, wallpaper, objects, etc.). We also pay special attention to all the motifs, stickers or paintings, representing guitars and rock bands, or writing the letters of this musical movement in capital letters…

Rebel all in black

Before, in decoration, black was taboo. Now, we make fun of bad ideas received, we dare more the eccentric. Because the mystery and the anchored character of this very dark "non color" has everything to serve interiors with strong temperament. In other words, in a teenage bedroom where rebellion is the watchword, bringing in black, in total look or in small touches, is a motto to consider. In our selection of articles listed below, you will find all our advice on how to handle this offbeat choice with care…


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