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Actions to save electricity

Actions to save electricity

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Saving electricity is a matter of everyday actions. With a few tips, you can not only reduce the cost of your electricity bill but also conserve the planet's resources. Here are some things you can do to save electricity.

Turn off the light

This is a very simple gesture to integrate into our daily lives: when you leave a room, turn off the lights! Indeed, no need to light an empty room so remember to press the switch when leaving. Also do not turn on the light when it is not necessary because most of the time natural light already provides good lighting.

Do not leave devices connected

It is strongly advised not to leave your phone or computer chargers plugged in when they are not connected to your device. Not only will this make the charger work for nothing but you will also consume electricity. Unplug your charger as soon as you disconnect the device.

Use switches on sockets

Today, most of the electrical devices we turn off are not really turned off and often stay on standby. Mas attention because this mode also consumes energy even if it is in smaller quantities. To remedy this, you can unplug your electrical devices or simply opt for a switch socket. Do not hesitate to switch off the plug switch during the night for example.

Choosing energy saving bulbs

To save electricity without realizing it, you can replace all your light bulbs with energy-saving models that last longer and use less energy. Also note that LEDs are quite economical depending on the lighting you are looking for.

Opt for a motion detector

In passage areas such as the corridor or outside, you can opt for lighting that is triggered when the inhabitants pass by. Motion detectors will help to avoid forgetting to turn off the light.

Low consumption household appliances

Finally, when choosing your appliance, make sure that it has an energy label A or A +. So your fridge, dishwasher or washing machine will consume less energy.