Feature: a natural style decor in the house

Feature: a natural style decor in the house

The nature style is attracting more and more fans of wide open spaces and vegetation. A true oasis of relaxation in the interiors of cities, this style allows you to find some greenery when you are not lucky enough to own a garden.

What is nature style?

The natural style is, as its name suggests, a decoration reminiscent of the outside! We then bet on the essential color of the style, namely green in all its forms. And to give a very soothing spirit to the decoration, we associate green with natural colors like beige. On the material side, the nature style mainly uses wood for furniture but also in decoration. Finally, it will of course not be forgotten to integrate real vegetation with green plants, a small aromatic garden and some bamboo stems.

Nature style, for whom?

If you revere the city, you might as well say that nature style is not for you! On the other hand, if you love to hike and prefer a vacation in the middle of nowhere, you will no doubt appreciate this style. Those looking for a soothing and fairly Zen interior will also be seduced. In this file, you will find something to create a natural style in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or even the kitchen. Discover the natural style in pictures.