A romantic style decor in the house

A romantic style decor in the house

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To bring softness to your interior, nothing beats romantic style! It can be installed in the living room and in the bedroom as well as in the bathroom and the kitchen. In this file, you will find advice on how to create a romantic style in any room of the house.

Soft colors

Choose soft colors that call for softness! We put on pastel pink, gray blue, green water ... You can of course use these colors on the walls but also play with accessories. Think of the bed linen for the bedroom and the sofa and the cushions for the living room.

Essential accessories

The romantic style presents some essential accessories. For the bedroom, we can choose a four-poster bed and in the bathroom we will place a dressing table for a feminine touch. To bring a little freshness, we do not hesitate to have beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers throughout the house. Discover the romantic style in the rooms of the house.