And Gorenje created the kitchen of tomorrow

And Gorenje created the kitchen of tomorrow

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The household appliance brand founded in 1950 never ceases to amaze us. After its resoundingly successful Old Timer collection, the brand offers us its version of the cuisine of the future: a clever mix of technology and simplicity of use. In constant evolution, Gorenje products combine design and technique while retaining the brand's unique know-how.

Conquering the world

Gorenje was founded in 1950 in the village of Gorenje in the former Yugoslavia. At its inception, Gorenje specialized in the manufacture of agricultural machinery, the supply of construction materials and the manufacture of stoves and stoves for solid fuels. The transfer of its headquarters to the city of Velenje 10 years later will mark an important turning point for Gorenje. Exports will get off to a good start, especially to Germany, and production will expand to washing machines and refrigerators. Over the decades Gorenje will continue to grow, expand its product range and acquire new businesses. The brand is now present in 33 countries and has at least one subsidiary in each of them.

Environmentally friendly products

With over 60 years of experience, Gorenje has established itself in the home appliance sector by developing quality, original and environmentally friendly products. The brand is indeed very keen to get involved in protecting the planet. All its devices are made of recyclable materials, according to industrial processes which preserve the natural environment. The products are also produced with the constant concern of being very economical in terms of water and electricity consumption.

Design in all its forms

Gorenje is constantly improving the aesthetic assets of its products by regularly calling on big names in contemporary design, like Karim Rashid or Ora-Ïto. Minimalism and simplicity of use are essential for each of the lines launched over the years. Technology is also essential to facilitate everyday life. The touch screens tell us what products are available in the fridge, the touch-sensitive buttons allow us to control the induction hobs and the oven door stays cool, even when the oven is hot. Find all the brand's new products on