Chemical weeding

Chemical weeding

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Chemical weeding: what is it?

When your gardener's hands can no longer remove the toughest weeds, you usually need to use chemical weeding which will eradicate stubborn plants.

The benefits of chemical weed control

By using chemicals, chemical weeding is in some situations the only effective weeding. Known as dangerous for its use, chemical weeding for individuals has for a few years been limited in number to guarantee users a certain level of security.

The disadvantages of chemical weeding

Dangerous, toxic, harmful to the environment and to humans, the qualifiers for chemical weeding are not lacking and are pushing more and more this type of weeding for professional use only and as the last possible type of weeding. It is also completely forbidden to use a chemical weedkiller near a water source.

Some precautions

The use of chemical weedkillers requires taking precautions. Protection of the whole body, in particular of the hands and face, will therefore be compulsory before any use. Chemical weeding will also be prohibited in high winds. A check of the products used as well as the recommendation not to throw away the remains of products will finally prevent some accidents.