The pruner

The pruner

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What is a shelf for?

The shredder is a very useful tool when you have an orchard. It is composed of a large pole at the end of which is a mechanism activated by means of a rope. The weeder makes it possible to cut small branches that cannot be cut without the help of a ladder. It therefore serves as a branch cutter for places located high up.

The history of the shredder

In the 18th century, in France, an invasion of caterpillars disfigured a large part of the country's green spaces. An operation to destroy the caterpillars took place during the winter with a tool used to prune the branches infected by the caterpillar nests. It is from this function that its name comes.

How to choose a shelf?

The instrument takes its shape from a shears and depending on the model chosen, it can cut branches up to a diameter of 4 cm. There are telescopic handle weirs which is very useful for accessing very high branches. It is important to choose a weigher whose blade is made of hardened steel. Depending on the use you will have of the tool, you can take a weigher intended for occasional, regular or intensive use.