Video: making an adult headboard with wallpaper

Video: making an adult headboard with wallpaper

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A medium board and a beautiful roll of carefully chosen paper. Hard to believe that these two accessories are enough to invent a maxi deco headboard, and yet it is very true! Quickly, discover the steps that will allow you to create a unique headboard.

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Level: way Completion time : 2:30 Indicative cost: 50 € Necessary material : a medium board + plinths + decorative wallpaper

Steps :

- Transfer the height of the plank to two of the plinths - Transfer the width of the plank to another plinth - Saw the plinths and sand the edges - Glue the edges of the plank with wood glue - Glue the plinths - Reinforce with nails - Sand the edges of the corners - Unroll the wallpaper on the formed headboard - Cut 3 strips of wallpaper - Paste one and the edge of the headboard - Apply it and cut the excess - Place and glue the other strips on the headboard and allow to dry for 2 hours The decor tip: prefer a wallpaper in a soft or pastel color, more in keeping with the relaxing setting of the room. Shopping: Wallpaper, GRAHAM & BROWN 2 red cushions, ALINEA 2 Caniss pillowcases, ALINEA Duvet cover and 2 pillowcases, white / Birgit red, IKEA Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi