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To mow the lawn

To mow the lawn

When to mow the lawn?

It all depends on how often your lawn is occupied: the more it is trampled, the greater its length. Indeed, a high lawn will withstand many passages better than a lawn mowed flush. In all cases, it is strongly advised to mow your lawn only to a third of its maximum height. Spring is the best time to mow: cutting your lawn to the ground is no problem. In summer and autumn, in dry weather, it is best to cut your lawn only to the maximum height authorized by your mower, to prevent the grass from drying out.

Get rid of weeds

Mowing the lawn eliminates weeds ... on the surface! The roots of the latter remain in the ground and the regrowth is therefore irremediable. To eliminate plantains and dandelions, the only solution is to carefully pull them out by hand. Clovers and other daisies that grow can be spared, especially since they participate in the ecosystem. On the other hand, the plantain stifles the lawn and can hinder its good growth.

Should we collect the grass?

Once the mower has passed, it is essential to collect the cut grass. To facilitate this work, it is advisable to use basket mowers. Contrary to popular belief, cut grass does not contribute to the proper development of the lawn, nor to its renewal. On the contrary, it can suffocate it.