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Japanese size

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What is Japanese pruning?

Commonly called "cloud pruning", Japanese pruning consists in giving a specific shape to the trees. In practice, "cloud pruning" is only one of the ways of pruning a tree: it is above all, according to the principles of Sakutei-ki (literally, the notes on the making of gardens), d '' evoke the imprint left on trees by nature. The shape of the trees must therefore evoke distant and natural landscapes.

How to prune?

Japanese pruning requires a lot of patience, because it takes several years to print the desired shape at the top of the tree, until the foliage is fairly dense. One side branch out of two must be pruned in order to ventilate the antlers and give it a more uneven appearance. The main thing is to let the foliage grow densely, before operating a dome or tray cut.

What types of trees to prune?

All trees, except conifers, can be pruned Japanese style. Far from precisely structuring how to cut the branches, this technique simply requires visualizing the tree as a whole before giving it a harmonious shape, in the Zen spirit. It is necessary to purify the foliage as much as possible: do not be afraid to cut many branches!