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Vases to welcome spring flowers

Vases to welcome spring flowers

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When the first rays of the sun appear, we instantly want to flower our interiors to bring a spring touch to the decor. But before offering you cut flowers, you will have to choose the vase well.

An elongated vase

There are very beautiful vases of good height which often have a fairly narrow and elongated shape. This type of model is ideal for expanding your decoration by playing on the different height levels of your accessories. This type of vase is mainly chosen for fairly tall flowers and scanty bouquets. You can even slip into these vases flowering branches like lilac for example.

A round vase

For fairly large bouquets and mainly round bouquets, we rather put on a round and fairly large vase to balance the composition. You will find vases of medium size but also others below which will be perfect to accommodate fairly short flowers. Anyway, for your bouquet to be well maintained, preferably make sure that the top of the vase narrows because the larger the opening, the more bouquets should be large to better occupy the space. Discover our selection of vases for spring flowers: