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The peach tree (Prunus persica), or common peach, is a fruit tree of the genus Prunus belonging to the Rosaceae family. It is grown for its edible fruit, peach. This tree is native to China where we find traces of its presence 9,000 years old. In China, it is a very important tree, fishing symbolizes immortality. It then appeared in Greece in the 7th century BC and among the Romans six centuries later. In France, it will only be cultivated from the Middle Ages and we find it today in our gardens.

Characteristics of the peach

Thetree peach (Prunus persica) can measure between 2 and 7 meters in height. It has a smooth bark, fine green leaves with an almond scent and a peach blossom a tender pink. The latter consist of 5 petals, 20 to 25 stamens and a style, envelope which protects the pistil. The flowering periods vary according to the species and extend from the end of winter to summer. Peach is a fleshy stone fruit.

Peach plantation

The peach tree is planted in the fall. He likes the sun. The shrubs formed will give peaches around the fifth year. In order for the peach tree to flourish fully, a square hole must be dug, which will prevent the roots from becoming tangled. Beforehand, the soil must be loosened to refine it. Peach trees are generally grafted in order to ensure better growth. The graft bead should be located at ground level. After adding the soil, the tree will be shaken to avoid air holes. It should be watered with at least ten liters of water at the time of planting.

Harvest and size of the peach tree

All varieties of peach are self-fertile. Fruit harvesting is done manually during the summer. It is then necessary to prune the peach tree at the time of flowering because the branches which have given fruit die.

Diseases and enemies of the peach tree

We must watch out for the peach blister, a disease against which it is preferable to carry out a preventive treatment every 2 weeks in autumn and spring (Bordeaux mixture). The peach tree is also sensitive to powdery mildew and different kinds of aphids (green peach aphid and farinaceous peach aphid).

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