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Flax belongs to the Linaceae family, its botanical name is linum usitatissimum (cultivated flax). Pretty blue flower, flax is mainly cultivated for its seeds, but also for its fibers. Very cultivated in Europe, cultivated flax is a plant widely used in the textile industry to make linen clothes appreciated for the particularity of flax fiber, resistant and light.

Flax varieties

There are many varieties of flax according to four categories: spring flax (Lorea, Andrea, filea…), spring oil flax (Princess, duchess, eurodor…), winter flax (Violin) and winter oilseed flax (Alaska, ice floe, iceberg?). Each variety gives a different yield in linseed, in linseed oil or flax fibers.

Planting flax: sowing, maintenance, flowering

For large farms, flax is cultivated in intensive cultivation, but to decorate the gardens and to appreciate the pretty blue color of flax flowers during the summer, it only takes a few tips to sow and cultivate this plant. The variety chosen to decorate the beds is the annual flax. It should be sown from April to June to flower from the start of summer until October. After having cleaned the future mass of flax with all its roots, weeds or stones, it will be necessary to enrich the soil with organic manure. The flax seed must be sprinkled on the fly and then covered with a light veil of potting soil before packing it. Then you need to water lightly.

Diseases of flax

Flax is not afraid of particular diseases. On the other hand, it is a very effective ally to fight against the beetle-type insects of other vegetable plants, such as the potato. Planted next to a row of potatoes, the annual flax effectively protects the plants against harmful insects.

Use of linen

Linen is very commonly used in several fields. We find it first in the textile with which we make light and resistant clothes. We find flax in the food sector:linseed oil is an edible vegetable oil. The linseed are also used in cooking and prized for their richness in omega 3. We also uselinseed oil pure for making fuel for diesel engines.