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My decor under the sign of Easter

My decor under the sign of Easter

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Like every year, Easter is an opportunity to bring animals into the house! Our decor then takes on the appearance of a farm with rabbits and chickens which take over the house in all possible forms. If Easter is originally a religious holiday, it is also the feast of all food lovers! According to tradition, the bells which return from Rome deposit in all the gardens a multitude of chocolate eggs but also of small subjects: hens, rabbits and fish. Here are the Easter animals that you can use in your decor. For this, opt for small accessories.

Table accessories for Easter

Easter is also synonymous with a family meal! So for an original decor, we choose original accessories: pepper and salt mills that point their ears, funny egg cups or rabbit-shaped ice cubes will create a surprise for a good time.

Decorate the garden for Easter

Spring provides a sumptuous garden for the Easter period. And why not cut your bushes in the shape of a rabbit or a hen? For this there are topiaries which give you the shape to follow for the size. And the bush becomes a small animal.

Decorate the walls for Easter

For an ephemeral decoration, we put on the stickers! Prefer hens, chicks or rabbits. Note that there are simple stickers but also "slate" or "mirror" versions for more originality. Discover our selection for decoration under the sign of Easter. And you, what have you planned to celebrate Easter? Share your good ideas on the forum