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How can I make my animal feel good in an apartment?

How can I make my animal feel good in an apartment?

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Do you dream of adopting a pet but you hesitate because of the small size of your apartment? However, there are many solutions to make your companion feel comfortable at home. Explanations.

Choose your animal

Birds, rabbits, dogs, cats, turtles ... Our animal friends are a source of joy for young and old alike. You don't have to live in a big house with a garden to be able to adopt one! Contrary to popular belief, a dog can live perfectly happy in an apartment. It is still advisable to choose your breed carefully: a bulldog will hardly support life in a small two-room apartment! Prefer therefore the small sizes, by not forgetting that certain races are overflowing with energy. The same problem arises for birds: the more numerous or large they are, the larger the cage. An aviary can quickly clutter a room, which is not ideal for a small apartment. So limit the size and number of your feathered friends so that they don't feel suffocated in their living space. Other animals, cats, hamsters, turtles, fish are much more suitable for living in an apartment because they do not necessarily need the outdoors to be fulfilled. Dedicate a place dedicated to them, calm and clean.

A suitable living space

An animal absolutely must have a space of its own, in which it can rest, move freely and feel safe. The cage or aquarium must therefore be of sufficient size so that their inhabitants can move at ease. Cats, with such an independent character, must be able to rest in a basket or on a cozy blanket, far from the noise and bustle of the household (the Puppy brand from Paris offers pretty indoor niches for dogs and cats, made to measure!). If you have a dog, consider taking him for long walks, at least twice a day, so that he can exercise in the fresh air. This is the essential condition so that he does not feel frustrated by the lack of space in your home. If several animals live under the same roof, make sure that each of them has their own space, otherwise beware of fights for the defense of the territory! However, limit the number of animals in your home: you will feel like them much more fulfilled.