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Meeting with Pierre Favresse, designer and artistic director of Habitat

Meeting with Pierre Favresse, designer and artistic director of Habitat

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French designer Pierre Favresse has just been appointed artistic director of the Habitat brand. Founded in 1964 by Terence Conran, the brand intends to bet on creation, desire and youth to develop products in accordance with the concepts dear to Habitat: "Beautiful, useful, accessible". For us, Pierre Favresse looks back on his career and talks to us about his new goals.

You are a designer, tell us about your background.

After my cabinetmaking studies I joined Jean Claude Maugirard's furniture workshop at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. Subsequently I collaborated as a designer in the development of a Design studio in Paris. In 2010, with the desire to implement my own ideas, I founded my studio within the Ateliers de la Ville de Paris.

What is your speciality ?

I do not have a specialty and I do not particularly wish to have one, because working and collaborating on projects in various fields is for me necessary in order to develop my reflections.

What are your latest creations?

Among my latest creations, we find the Jean clock with Super-ette, the Perch collection and a collection of Wildthing containers for Petite Friture.

You have just been appointed artistic director of the Habitat brand, what does this represent for you?

Being appointed to the artistic direction of the Habitat brand represents an incredible chance to develop my knowledge of the profession but above all a serious challenge because many people have just placed their trust in me…

What is your mission going to be?

My mission is to design and imagine the new collections and to keep the maximum consistency across the whole range. I will also be responsible for developing collaborations with new creators to promote emerging design talents.

What do you intend to bring to the brand?

Today I hope that this very beautiful brand will once again be a flagship and a figurehead of creation and design. I therefore seek to bring new creative values, based on function and emotion.

Finally, how is your interior?

My interior is very simple, I need calm and softness to recharge my batteries. My choices of objects are often focused on functional and fair products. But I do not deny myself the color and some striking elements.


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