Resource, creator of colors

Resource, creator of colors

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It is almost a quarter of a century since Ressource was born in Avignon. Today, the color merchant offers a different way to buy his painting and to consider interior decoration. Cozy showroom, personalized advice, painted panels made available to customers, painting lessons ... Everything is done to go home with the color that matches our interior and our personality, but also the appropriate equipment and expert advice from Resource experts. Objective: 100% satisfaction and pleasure. And if we want to change the curtains, the sofa or the wallpaper, the house also offers an eclectic and cutting-edge choice of high-end materials. D&CO has done the owner's tour for you.

Experts enter the scene

Resource is above all quality colors imagined by painting experts. The house presents several collections, like the fashion world, which reflect and respond to the desires of the moment. Right bank left bank, The real vintage collection, The new reds, Orient-occident… are all evocative names which required years of research. For its artistic director, Patrice de Ramel, it is a question of "finding the original colors which really existed at certain times in history". Rediscovering the lost color… this is the challenge that the hexagonal brand has set for singer Maxime Le Forestier. Ressource therefore created the shade "the blue" and repainted the famous "Blue House" of San Francisco of the eponymous song. A beautiful new collaboration in the world of color!

Decoration in all its forms

Who hasn't already found themselves lost in the paint department of a large area, only to leave with a taupe shade "because it's trendy"? It was to remedy this problem that Ressource called on color professionals. These decoration enthusiasts are based on photos, plans and descriptions of your home sweet home to bring you an opinion and ideas that are as close as possible to your expectations. The extraordinary choice of colors and textures offered by the house allows you to create an interior that suits you. Silky mat, Roman plaster, iron lime, patinas ... The possible renderings are varied, the colors impeccable. And if you've never dared to get started, Ressource tells you all the secrets of a successful application during one of its workshops. Who starts ?