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How to warmly decorate a silver gray entry?

How to warmly decorate a silver gray entry?

Audrey's question


Decorative answer: warm colors like red or orange for a locker room, a coconut rug, a frame with family photos and lighting with dimmer

Hello Audrey, I advise you to bring color to warm up and brighten up your entry upholstered with a silver gray coating and a light gray floor. I therefore suggest that you install a wardrobe with a chest and coat racks in a warm shade like red or orange and a rather lacquered finish. I would also add a carpet made of natural fibers such as coconut or sisal. The lighting that you will bring to your entrance is also very important to warm the room. Remember to put a dimmer on your switch so that you can change the intensity of the light during the day. Halogen spotlights with dimmer would be perfect or wrought iron sconces with small fabric lampshades reminiscent of the color of the chosen locker room. In decoration, a large multi-photo frame in red or orange painted wood, matte finish would also bring your entrance to life. You too, send us your decoration question