Smart and decorative storage to store your wine

Smart and decorative storage to store your wine

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Gone are the old bottle racks that take up a lot of floor space and that, on top of that, are far from aesthetic! If you do not have a cellar and you are however amateurs (amateurs) of good wines, it is imperative to find a solution to store the bottles in the kitchen in a smart and decorative way!

Very decorative storage to put on the worktop

Instead of losing space on the floor or on your work plan with lockers without interest, choose bottle racks which will prove to be decorative objects in themselves. The design is available even in your bottle holder: you will be able to "display" your bottles elegantly without having the feeling of wasting space. To adapt to your needs, some of these designer bottle racks are very smart: they are fully upgradeable, such as the Eva Solo bottle rack to which you can add modules. You can also wear your choice on a full-height bottle rack that you will place next to the column unit in your kitchen.

These new wall bottle racks

Even smarter, for an optimal and undoubted space saving, for an original and modern decoration, opt for the wall-mounted bottle racks. The bottles are held horizontally on either side of the support, along your wall. No more problem with the depth of a piece of furniture. You just need to have a wall panel available to accommodate these bottle racks as simple wall shelves! Here to help you in your shopping, a selection of these design and smart bottle racks!