What paint should you choose to renovate a wooden crib?

What paint should you choose to renovate a wooden crib?

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Question from Lucile


Decorative answer: acrylic paint or ecological "natural" paints

Hello Lucile, acrylic is odorless and contains few solvents, which is why it is more suitable for living rooms and especially for baby rooms. Its drying time is rather short. There are also "natural" paints, also called ecological because they do not contain solvents or toxic substances. The components are replaced by natural elements such as linseed oil, lime, casein or natural pigments. These are very healthy paints and particularly recommended for allergy sufferers. It is possible to take a white base, which you can later color in the shade of your choice. However, its cost remains higher than glycerophthalic or acrylic paints. In general, ban glycerophthalic paints for children's rooms because they contain toxic agents not recommended for the baby's environment. You too, send us your decoration question