What storage for a bedroom?

What storage for a bedroom?

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Room of rest and intimacy, conducive to reflection, the bedroom does not need to benefit from a large area to be warm and comfortable! To optimize the space, quality furniture is your best ally: integrated storage under the bed, trendy furniture, a smart wardrobe, follow our space-saving decoration tips.

Use the space under the bed

The answer Save space for Monsieur Meuble: opt for a bed with storage. The trunk bed offers an impressive storage volume while retaining all its comfort when sleeping. We advise you to opt for this type of bed if the space in your bedroom is reduced. Easy to handle thanks to a piston or gas spring system, the box spring is easily actuated for daily use and without effort. The space thus freed allows you to store bulky objects such as duvets, pillows, bed linen, etc. The drawer bed offers several storage spaces that are also very accessible. Remember to check that the space around the bed is sufficient to be able to easily open the drawers, count 70 cm on each side and 40 cm for the front drawers.

Optimizing clothes storage space

The answer Save space for Monsieur Meuble: opt for a walk-in closet. This space-saving piece of furniture is a marvel of ingenuity. Very clever, it provides a complete storage system integrating drawers, wardrobe, shelves, hanger hangers and mirrors for an area of ​​only 2 m². You will also appreciate the high-end finishes of the cabin dressing room, the perfect compromise between the wardrobe and the custom-made dressing room.

Combine storage and decoration

The answer Saving space for Mister Furniture: fall for the storage trunk. The trunk seduces with the volume of storage available and the different possibilities it offers in terms of layout. Trendy, she stages herself or knows how to be discreet. At the end of the bed or as a coffee table it is the favorite decorative piece of furniture in the bedroom.