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World maps inspire decoration

World maps inspire decoration

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Worlds and posters just have to be careful! The planet is reproduced, for the greatest pleasure of our decoration, on less traditional supports. We find our beautiful continents surrounded by the big blue on many stickers but also on clocks, cushions or on a bath cap! Discover our selection and make your choices!


Globetrotters can display their passion on the walls of their house with world map stickers. Available in all sizes, it's up to you to choose which one will best suit your decorating desires. And don't be afraid to think big, some models exist in XXL formats, to be placed above your sofa, at the head of the bed or even to dress up a corridor. Like the traditional world map, the sticker also plays an educational role. Find a giant sticker model to learn and play with capitals, animals or flags repositionable endlessly.

Scratch cards

In Fleux in particular, discover a good decorative idea: the scratch card! You hang it on the wall and scratch the card with a coin to highlight the regions of the world you have visited.

Clocks but also…

In the world of decoration, the world goes round with clocks bearing its effigy. Also find a cushion model at the Swedish brand Ferm Living . And why not a little humor in your bathroom with the bath cap Pa Design .