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Give a Zen style to a bathroom for 350 €

Give a Zen style to a bathroom for 350 €

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In the shower or in a very hot bath, you get away from the winter cold, you savor the moments of well-being. And it's even better when the bathroom embodies the Zen attitude. With a budget of € 350 in your pocket, here's how to give it a real Spa look!

These decorative must-have for a very Zen atmosphere: 80 €

There are these little extras that are enough to set the scene. A misting fountain and its fragrant essential oils which can be found at 49 € at Alinéa, an imposing vase at 20 € at Fly from which some branches escape (5.99 € the stake at Ikéa) and a framed mirror bamboo at 49 € at But.

Bath linen: 55 €

On the side of the bath linen, we put on a carpet decorated with pebbles to accentuate the spirit of nature, which goes hand in hand with a Zen mood! At La Redoute, there is a model for € 15! For bath towels, we favor simplicity and light colors ranging from white, to cream and light gray. With 4 Zara Home towels, you get 40 €.

Natural storage accessories: 140 €

In a zen-like bathroom, storage highlights natural materials. We note in particular the large woven rattan baskets from Ikea at 20 € per unit (counting that it takes about 4) in which we can organize beauty products and towels or use them as laundry baskets. Since the ladder-style towel racks are very trendy, we are happy to adopt the bamboo model available at La Redoute. Estimated budget? € 50. And to further increase the storage of towels and bathrobes on the walls, we turn to the wooden wall hooks. We particularly love that of AM.PM and its destructured branch effect at € 39.

Open wooden furniture: € 75

It only remains to furnish everything. Note that a small shelf and a piece of furniture under the wooden sink, we have about for 60-75 €. And to stay in perfect harmony with the Zen style, we favor open wooden furniture. We breathe.