Offer a personalized scented candle!

Offer a personalized scented candle!

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Finding an original gift idea that matches the person is not always easy! To remedy the eternal question of "what will I offer", By Matao offers to personalize the gift that we are going to offer. Presentation By Matao, it is both a Parisian boutique and an online shop where we think of a tailor-made gift! We can then have small messages written on accessories or decorative items to personalize the gift. For this it is very simple, we choose a model of napkin, table runner, bath towel, tea towel or even a cushion on the site then we customize it. You can then choose the message to write on your object but also the color of the product and the color of the message to be sure to please! Our favorite: the customizable scented candle on which you can write a little message of friendship. You will have the choice between several patterns and 5 flavors: amber and vanilla, black amber, fig, oriental jasmine or even green tea. And if you do not wish to offer the candle at the foot of the tree, you can write down the first name of your guests and use it as a place card which they will take with them at the end of the meal. (29 euros)> More info on


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