Teenage bedroom: cheap seats to receive friends

Teenage bedroom: cheap seats to receive friends

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Scoops and secrets between girls, games of video games and sports activities between boys. Yes, adolescence could easily be summed up in a sentence "friends first!". Inevitably, when they beg us to invite one or two classmates, we tend to agree, except that their room lacks seats where their guests could take their places. Nothing dramatic since there are several ways to increase seating without spending too much!

Floor cushions

The 12-17s will adopt the floor cushions as quickly as they have adopted the carpet! Inexpensive (around 20 €) and very compact, these accessories allow you to multiply the seats in no time before being stored without taking up a lot of space. An ideal choice during sleepovers and when several comrades come home! In addition, young people love the cool and relaxed look of sitting low to the floor to get away from big discussions…

Poufs and stools

After the floor cushions, there are also the beanbags and stools. What do they have in common? Be included in the list of space-saving seats, easy to store… and very decorative! They come in effect in sometimes pop, sometimes urban looks, everything that teenagers love! Estimated budget: less than 20 or even € 10 for the first price stools, and less than 30 or even € 20 for the poufs!

A sofa-bed

Nothing like a two in one piece of furniture to save space and be doubly useful. At night, it becomes a bed for teens to rest in. During the day, it becomes a bench where friends can sit comfortably. A useful and effective investment from € 150 to consider ...