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Inspired by Happy Feet 2, children's decor goes winter time

Inspired by Happy Feet 2, children's decor goes winter time

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Since next December 7, our favorite penguin is making a comeback in dark rooms, all the reasons are good to transform the children's room by creating a winter decor! Here are the 2 ingredients you will need…

The pack ice animals in the foreground

In the first Happy Feet, the adventures of Mumble, the cutest of the emperor penguins, had already taken us to meet the inhabitants of the ice floe. To give your child a nice surprise as Christmas approaches, the idea is to choose stickers, giant stuffed animals, fabric trophies, night lights or lights bearing the image of polar bears, penguins, seals and whales. It effectively displays the destination of the trip!

Blue and white color code

To underline the polar atmosphere, between ice, sky and frozen sea, nothing beats a blue, white and transparent bias in the decor! So have this color code in mind when you equip yourself with a lampshade, a floor mat, curtains and bed linen in your toddler's room. You can also display a XXL version of the Arctic Ocean landscape or a giant igloo on the walls! The more you favor the trio of shades evoking the ice floes, the more the decor will be harmonious. However, there is a tip to remember to warm the atmosphere created by these 3 cold colors: use cocooning materials such as fur or wool, and this, at will! By multiplying plaids and cushions, it's easy…