Maison Trudon sets the tone

Maison Trudon sets the tone

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Traditional and timeless, classic but terribly in tune with the times… The creations of Maison Trudon have set the standard for candles for over three centuries. The French wax maker has chosen to revisit moments in history, from the splendours of the Ancien Régime to the refinements of light, from the imperial pomp in Paris of the Belle Epoque, from the Orient dreamed of by painters to surrealist games, up to until today. Classic candles, candles, sprays, stinky balls (that smell good!), Molded candles: all forms are a pretext to perfume the house in a subtle and refined way.

A story that has lasted for over three centuries!

The adventure begins in 1643, rue Saint Honoré in the Saint Roch district. The merchant Claude Trudon, freshly arrived in Paris, opens his first candle store for domestic lighting and the Church. Homemade candles will quickly make their way to Versailles. After the founding of the first family factory, Claude's son became the caretaker of Queen Marie Thérèse. From that time, Trudon candles were constantly striving for excellence: all the raw materials needed to make candles - from beeswax to wick cotton - were chosen with meticulous care. Nearly half a century later, Trudon has become the most beautiful wax factory in the kingdom! It will provide Versailles until the last moments of the monarchy and will survive the turbulent periods of the Old Regime to the Empire thanks to the quality of its achievements. Today, it still supplies many churches in France, including that of Saint Roch naturally ...

Unmatched know-how

A unique candle paste, high-end cotton wicks, precious glasses molded in Italy ... Trudon candles continue to enchant us and diffuse their sweet fragrance thanks to exceptional know-how. Maison Trudon offers 18 scents, illustrated by the English painter Lawrence Mynott. Among Trudon's bestsellers, we find Abd El Kader, who immerses us in the delights of a Moroccan mint tea; Trianon evokes the white flowers loved by Marie-Antoinette. Nazareth is also a house classic and offers a mixture of cloves and orange. Vintage enthusiasts will appreciate the scent spray and its old-style distribution. Why not also test the stinky balls imagined by Trudon: an original and fun way to flavor your home! We reassure you, they smell delicious…