Wood, material of seduction

Wood, material of seduction

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Wood is without question the noble and ecological material par excellence. Its different essences are available in dozens, thus offering a multitude of possibilities and renderings in terms of decorative creation. A thousand and one atmospheres can thus be created in a house: nature, Zen, chalet, countryside, exotic ... It's up to you to furnish furniture and accessories for a warm interior that looks like you! Oak, birch, pine, teak: each type of wood has its particularity, its rarity and its color. How to differentiate one species from another and how to choose the right wood? Two important questions which find their answer in the observation and the use which one makes of this natural and solid material.

Affordable woods

Among the woods that inhabit our forests, pine and birch are undoubtedly the two most affordable species of wood. Very light in color, these two woods are more sensitive to blows and less solid than their colleagues. Birch is often used to veneer the facing of plywood, for parquet and especially as firewood. Pine has the particularity to dry quickly. It is recognizable by its visible knots which give it a rustic look. Widely used in interior and exterior decoration, it remains the undisputed leader in low-cost furniture.


Among the solid European and American woods, we find oak of course, but also cherry, walnut or beech for the best known of them. Oak is an expensive wood and has a nice apparent grain. Its resistance and nobility make it a major player in the construction of bridges, various buildings and even railways. In interior decoration, its pretty honey color remains the queen of furniture and parquet! Beech is the champion of multiple uses, all categories combined. Fuel, construction wood, parquet, stairs, furniture ... This solid and aesthetic wood species is highly appreciated by those involved in decoration. Darker, walnut and cherrywood are well suited for all kinds of interior designs that are sought after and add character to furniture.

Exotic woods

If wenge and teak are the best known, there is however a very rich variety of exotic woods! Teak comes from Southeast Asia and has a pretty brown-yellow color. This precious wood tends to disappear over the years, victim of its success for shipbuilding but also interior and exterior furniture. To maintain your teak furniture, regularly coat with a special exotic wood protective oil using a brush.