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Everything to keep wine

Everything to keep wine

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Storing wine well is an art that should be handled with care. Indeed, darkness, humidity and storage temperature are factors not to be overlooked for a successful tasting. What you need ? A cupboard or a wine cellar, it's up to you to decide according to the space you have and the more or less regular frequency with which you open a bottle around a good meal.

A wine cellar

What wine lover does not dream of a room reserved for wine storage? Indeed, this place where the bottles can stay for several years brings together all the conditions necessary for the good conservation of the wine: total darkness with the exception of poor lighting for the descents to the cellar, humidity of at least 50% , the ideal being 70% and an average temperature of 13. As such, a thermometer is required to monitor and regulate any climatic variations. But that's not all you have to remember. One also takes the precaution not to store products emitting a perfume or an odor to avoid that the corks of the bottles are not impregnated with it. All you have to do is follow these planning tips and equip yourself with open shelves or bottle racks on which you will have them horizontally so that the cork stays in contact with the wine. Remember that good storage makes research easier. Difficult to do without a classification by categories and by dates thanks to labels for the bottlenecks!

A wine cabinet

Whether you live in an apartment or don't have enough space to devote a room to storing wine, the solution can be summed up in 3 words: wine cabinet. Cousin of the refrigerator, this household appliance mirrors the characteristics of a wine cellar by meeting the necessary conditions of humidity, darkness and temperature. The advantage? Some allow you to choose different temperatures depending on the maturity of the bottles and to start a special refrigeration for winter and summer. As you can see, on the temperature side, the wine cabinets are ideal. However, certain precautions are necessary to prevent the wine from deteriorating: anti-vibration barriers, odorous and anti-mold filters.