Why choose Japanese panels?

Why choose Japanese panels?

Appeared in Japan in the 13th century, Japanese panels are installed in our Western interiors to separate spaces or dress the window by placing itself as a real alternative to curtains. Zoom on the advantages of Japanese panels.

The Japanese panel to save space

The Japanese panel has multiple uses in the home. We can also use it to separate two spaces, to dress a window or to close a storage space for example. The advantage of this device is that it takes up no space because the partitions slide and therefore do not require any space for opening. A true ally of small spaces or refined interiors, the Japanese panel will allow you to adjust the spaces as you see fit. In a shared children's room, each child can have their privacy when necessary, for example. On the window side, the Japanese panel is ideal if you have a bay window or a window where the curtain installation is complex.

A very decorative solution

If the Japanese panel is very practical, it does not forget to be aesthetic! You will find many models on the market which come in very different materials, colors and patterns: light veils for the windows, bright colors or even plant motifsā€¦ Note that you can also have your Japanese panels made to measure at certain brands such as Saint Maclou or Bineau. You will be able to choose the size that best suits your needs but also the fabric that will best match your interior. Finally, you will also find Japanese signs to be personalized with your own photos or messages as at Tendance perso. Only one limit, your imagination! Discover our selection of Japanese panels.