Jardin d'Ulysse sets the scene

Jardin d'Ulysse sets the scene

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Furniture and classic objects revisited, contemporary forms diverted, Jardin d'Ulysse cultivates the mixture of genres to better enchant everyday life. An extraordinary garden where charm, colors and good humor reign. It's been more than ten years that the French brand has seduced us with its furniture, textiles, lighting and accessories in a classic style but never commonplace.

A young shoot that has grown

The history of Jardin d'Ulysse really began in 1999, when the entity was bought by Yannick Loaëc and his two partners Gilles Roussillon and Hélène Nousse. These three decoration enthusiasts will quickly put the brand back on its feet and spread its image among the general public. Two years later, Jardin d'Ulysse signs its first advertising campaign and launches its first website. It is in 2003 that the charming decoration brand will inaugurate its first boutique under its own name in Paris Madeleine, closely followed by a sign in Bordeaux. During the following three years, several new shops and corners will be opened in France but also in Europe. Today the brand has 1,500 points of sale and 6 stores in its own name! As in fashion, Jardin d'Ulysse creates two original collections per year (Spring / Summer and Autumn / Winter).

An authentic decoration

Since its creation, the brand has wanted to associate with craftsmen to guarantee manufacturing methods and traditional know-how. Concerned about the environment, Jardin d'Ulysse has implemented concrete measures that contribute to the preservation of natural environments (workshops near planting sites, balanced production methods, sustainably managed wood, transport by barges, etc.). ignoring trends, Jardin d'Ulysse has always remained faithful to a decoration of authentic charm, however adding a touch of modernity. So the creators of the brand have revisited the famous Luxembourg chair, the mountain chalet spirit or even the seaside style. Using the codes and reinventing them is the motto of the French brand. Today, it offers collections of dishes, linens, furniture of course, but also party decorations, lighting and decorative items. Its qualitative and classic style has long attracted players in the charming hotel industry, so Jardin d'Ulysse has created a specific service for professionals in this sector (charming hotels, guest houses, etc.) which allows him to become a key player in this universe.