Use the corridor space

Use the corridor space

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Passage of access to the different rooms of the house without being a place to live in itself, the corridors are often overlooked ... wrongly! Indeed, these small lost spaces can prove to be decorative and practical if you take the time to exploit them well. Demonstration.

The hallway plays deco

No more dark corridor which is confined to the simple place of passage! On the contrary, since it accompanies all our back and forth, it is time to pamper and enhance it. For this purpose, we do not hesitate to energize the walls with a set of mirrors, collage pictures, multiple sources of light or designer wall hooks if your hallway overlooks the entrance. Some tips can correct the sometimes closed and narrow rendering of the corridor. The wallpaper with fine horizontal stripes gives the feeling of pushing the walls while, an ice blue covering the ceiling gives it height and light colors make it brighter and more spacious. Everything so that the corridor is more integrated into the atmosphere of the house!

… And multiplies storage ideas

Far from the simple place of passage, the corridor could well fulfill new functions. If it is wide (1.50 to 2 m), why not invest it in a wardrobe, library or dressing room? If you choose them with sliding doors, these pieces of furniture make the most of the space. But the cramped corridors also find their account, not with furniture going from the floor to the ceiling, but with tall storage. Shelves and high perched cupboards thus welcome the businesses whose utility remains occasional, like the accessories out of season. A wise choice to free up space in the main rooms. Finally, do not underestimate the capacity of the nooks in the corridor! By installing a folding or angular shelf, you can improvise an office area just as much as a shelf for books or decorative trinkets.